Changes in Instructional Delivery

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Ohio schools, Milton-Union staff members have worked diligently to remain engaged with students and families.  With each passing week, teachers and students adjusted to changes in instructional delivery, assigned work, and grading and evaluation.  We are pleased with the degree to which many parents and caregivers have assisted their children at the point of instruction, and we recognize the task is not always easy.  Although we know you are fully committed to the learning process, our parents and caregivers are often in the unenviable position of choosing between family peace and completing school assignments. 

Ohio schools have been advised by the Department of Education not to shorten the 2019-20 school year, but we want to be responsive and reward your efforts thus far.  For those completely caught up with all work, students will transition to activities intended to grow each young person’s mind, body, and spirit including, but not limited to, gardening, age-appropriate chores, reading, journaling, community service, helping others, engaging with family members, etc.  Beginning on or before Monday, May 4, 2020, building principals and teachers will be communicating specific modifications to instructional activities as appropriate.  

Teachers will continue to engage their students in relevant and challenging ways.  Students will be expected to continue to engage with their teachers.  Teaching staff members will grade students based on level of engagement for the remainder of the fourth marking period.  Teachers may require students to video chat, e-mail, complete writing assignments, record comments, etc. to demonstrate their engagement.  Engagement and connection between students and teachers will be the most important factor for grading and attendance.  If you feel as if your student requires additional practice or challenge, please reach out to your child’s teacher.  We will certainly provide as needed. 

At the same time, teachers will simultaneously be concentrating on students who do not have all work submitted.  Once all assignments have been submitted, teachers will transition students to the above enrichment activities.  We hope the opportunity for students to spend time participating in these types of activities will incentivize the completion of already assigned work and increase student motivation to do so. 

In looking towards the fall, we continue to monitor athletic eligibility requirements of the Ohio School Athletic Association, so as always, middle and high school students should work towards the very best grades possible. 

Unfortunately, there are also students and families who continue to be disengaged.  Our staff members will continue to reach out to students and caregivers through various means.  We hope these checks will encourage families to connect for the benefit of students’ learning.  Our principals and staff members have discussed these plans at length, so if you have questions as you notice a transition in the type of assigned work and level of engagement expected, please feel free to contact teachers and/or building principals. 

As always, thank you for your continued support of Milton-Union Schools.