Calamity Days & Reclaiming Instructional Time

After relatively uneventful winter months a year ago, we have certainly experienced a more traditional winter this school year.  Although our state reporting requirements have changed, we need to ensure our students continue to make progress toward meeting course requirements and content mastery.  Meeting minimum requirements in anything is not typically ideal.  Just because we are allowed to do so, our students should not attend school less than they have in prior years.  So far this year, we have canceled school five times.  If we must continue to cancel school beyond five days due to weather, temperature, or other unforeseen circumstances, we expect to make-up student days and reclaim instructional time through the following...

- With the next school cancellation, which would be our sixth this year, the teacher work day scheduled on March 29, 2018 will become a student instructional day.  We would plan to be in session with students, hold regular classes, and follow a typical schedule.

- If we cancel school an additional three days, students will be provided work electronically.  Meaning, student devices will be used to provide work if it becomes necessary to cancel school a seventh, eighth, or ninth time.  Principals and teachers will work with students to be sure they are prepared for "e-lessons."  

- If school would be canceled for a tenth day, students will be in session on June 1, 2018.   

We prefer to make-up days and/or reclaim instructional time prior to state mandated testing.  Consequently, our last, best option (day ten) will be to add student days to the end of the school calendar in June.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate, but in the event additional school cancellations become necessary, we hope parents, guardians, and caregivers will now have enough time to make any necessary arrangements.  Our principals, teachers, and support staff members will make every effort to remain flexible in working with students.