Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Davis is a 2011 Tippecanoe graduate! She attended Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho where she changed her major and minor multiple times. She finally decided on a major in English education with a minor in Biology education. While in high school, Mrs. Davis participated in numerous activities spanning from marching band, drawing & painting, and being a member of the swim team! Her best memories from high school surround music because it is what eventually led her to become a leader & a teacher.

Mrs. Davis’ Words of Wisdom: As much as we stress out about and focus on the big decisions in front of us-what college to go to, career path to follow, who to date and marry, etc.-the choices that make the difference and ultimately shape those big ones are the small, moment-to-moment decisions every minute of every day. In 60 seconds of curiosity, you can sign up for a class or club that sparks a passion. In 60 seconds of kindness, you can make someone's day by giving a helping hand or reach out to a new student who needs a friend. In 60 seconds of conversation, you can crack a joke with your friends that makes your friendship even closer. It is the little decisions that matter most because every minute is an opportunity to decide who you are and who you will become.