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To provide another option for parents, caregivers, and families who qualify, you may apply on-line for your children to receive free or reduced price school meals. Your application will be sent from a secure website directly to the Milton-Union Schools, so no need to worry about filling out the paper form. Paper applications will still be made available to children and families if parents and caregivers prefer to complete the hard copy form.  

However, www.LunchApplication.com has been designed to make it easier for you to identify the information required and guide you through the application process. Once your application has been received, the district office will determine your eligibility and send you a letter with results. This is designed as a secure, paperless and convenient alternative option for families.  

If you are interested in completing the process electronically rather than using the paper option, please follow the link at your convenience. Regardless of format, please note that the application should only be completed once.  

Thank you.