Annual Milton-Union Alumni Association Banquet - Hall of Honor Inductees

Never had the good fortune to meet Max Lair or Jack Williams - both 2018 Hall of Honor inductees. Members of both families were able to make comments during the annual Milton-Union Alumni Association Banquet acknowledging Mr. Williams and Mr. Lair's induction into the Hall of Honor. Hearing the sincere appreciation of Krista Carpenter as well as the family of Mr. Williams in their comments, the choices could not have been better. Mr. Lair and Mr. better examples of two lives given to service and doing good work for the people by their side in their own community. Anyone who has lost a larger than life family member of whom you were so proud, you would have been thinking about your own loved ones, too, and you would have been so inspired to listen. Congratulations to both families who should be so proud of Max and Jack’s legacies! #BulldogPride