Strategic Plan

Vision 2023

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Our Vision

Creating Awesome

Our Mission

We empower students to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Our Goal

By the year 2023, 100% of the Milton-Union students will be college and career ready.

Career ReadinessFinance and FacilitiesStudent-Centered Learning


Career Readiness

We believe in empowering students to be successful citizens by promoting and encouraging career exploration and skill development.

We believe education is the foundation for building individual pathways on which our students identify, develop, and achieve short and long-term goals

Action Steps
  1. Develop and implement a career day for middle and high school students to introduce various careers, including non-degreed options.
  2. Focus on professional competencies non-cognitive and non-academic. (6—8) 
  3. Develop Common vocabulary to introduce professional competencies. (K—5) 

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Finance and Facilities

We will maintain a record of fiscal responsibility and transparency through communication with the members of our school community. 

Action Steps
  1. The Milton-Union Schools will regularly communicate to its stakeholder groups the impact state and federal funding sources, locally raised monies, and levy cycles have on the financial forecast for the district.
  2. The Milton-Union Schools will create a five-year plan to communicate its proposed cycle for facility maintenance, transportation and food service costs, and equipment upgrades along with estimated expenditures.


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Student-Centered Learning 

We will implement a variety of instructional strategies, utilize diverse resources, and leverage technology to make learning relevant to students.

Action Steps
  1. Begin implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into each building in the district with one to two teachers per grade level.
  2. Implementation of UDL principles in all classrooms across the Milton-Union School District.

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We have a collaborative relationship with the Milton-Union community for the benefit of children.

We define community to include all staff members, students, classrooms, buildings, families, neighborhoods, and local, state and global partners.

Action Steps
  1. Increase service learning opportunities to benefit the local community; investigate opportunities to exceed community borders.
  2. Share character education strategies with the community.
  3. Develop local business and industry partnerships to better inform students regarding enrollment, employment, or enlistment.

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We believe in challenging all student to understand and achieve their full academic potential.

We believe in helping to develop students’ creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication through a comprehensive academic experience.

Action Steps
  1. Ensure fidelity to the understanding described in Ohio’s Learning Standards.
  2. Communicate standards and expectations to stakeholders.

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We are committed to the comprehensive growth of all students and development of the whole child.

We believe growth applies no only to academic achievement but also in developing student resiliency, perseverance, hope, integrity, and grit. 

Action Steps
  1. Each student learns about and is given tools to implement a healthy lifestyle. 
  2. Each student is challenged and prepared for further study/employment and participation in a global environment.
  3. Each student learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for youth and adults.

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