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Good Evening Bulldog Families.  

Next week our school will be administering the 3rd grade ELA test.  3rd grade parents should be aware that their child will not have their device with them at home this weekend. 

Parents of in person and remote learners, we still have 85 students who are not fully registered for school and as a result, do not have a valid Emergency Medical Form on file. The state allows us a 30-day grace period to get all of those in and unfortunately, we are well past that date.   If your child is one of those that falls into that category, you have received e-mails, phone calls and most recently a letter sent this week.  If your child’s enrollment forms are not completed by October 23rd (that is next Friday) your child will be excluded from school until the information is updated.  If you need a computer to complete the form, you may use your child’s device, the library, or come into the elementary office and we can help you.  If you have any questions, please contact Principal Henderson. 

We have had quite a few children congregating in front of the school in the morning.  Walkers and bike riders should arrive no earlier than 8:40 and students who are being dropped off by parents should not get out of the car until 8:40.  Adults are not on duty in the morning until that time and we are trying to keep everyone safe.