let's get real

Hello Bulldog Families.

it’s time to get REAL…about reading that is.  REAL stands for Reading Enrichment through At-home Learning.  The pandemic has put students everywhere at a disadvantage.  Our staff and students are working diligently to make up for lost time and instruction in the classroom, but we need your help to get our students where they need to be.  “How?” you ask.  The first thing you can do is read for 20 minutes, aloud, with your child each day.  The second is to attend the weekly Zoom meetings with literacy experts Lisa Combs and Rush Rogers to learn how to help build your child’s reading skills, improve their understanding of what they read and get them excited about reading. 

Each student will be provided with an age-appropriate Literacy Kit that will be kept at home.  During the weekly Zoom meetings, you will learn how to use the items in the kit to help build those skills.  The Zoom meetings will only last 10-15 minutes each.  K-2 parents will meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm beginning February 9th and running through March 23rd.  Parents with students in grades 3-5 on Thursdays at 7:00PM beginning February 11th through March 25th.  Is your child in sports during that time?  Are you at work? Do you have other commitments?  No problem! The sessions will be recorded and be available on our website the next day, so you never have to miss one. 

I bet your next question is “How do we get this literacy kit?”  In person learners will bring their kits home on Monday, February 8thPLP parents may pick a kit up in the Elementary Office during regular school hours or on Monday, February 8th at the elementary entrance from 4:00-7:00PM.  Pictures of the kits will be located on the MUES Facebook page and in the Live Feed section of the elementary website.  If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the elementary office. 

Loretta Henderson, Principal MUES