Milton-Union Online Learning - Schools PLP

Milton-Union Schools is offering Schools PLP as its on-line learning platform for parents and caregivers seeking a fully remote option to begin the 2020-21 school year. Please take a moment to learn more about Schools PLP by reading through the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

FAQ for Schools PLP

  • Who do I contact if my student cannot log-in to the platform?

    Please contact the Technology Department or send a help request to

  • Who is my student's teacher?

    Schools PLP class facilitators are assigned for each course. After some discussion and reworking of schedules, class facilitators are all Milton-Union staff members. When your student logs into the platform and selects one of his/her five courses, he/she will be able to see the name of the Milton-Union course facilitator. Encourage your student to send his/her course facilitator a message through the platform to introduce themselves using the "send message" feature.

  • How can I see my child's work and view his/her progress?

    Visit (web URL for the Schools PLP initial access screen). Use your student's log-in information, and check the box to "Log In as Parent." Using the log-in as parent option, the parent or caregiver can view messages and student progress without affecting grades or attendance statistics.

  • What is the basic log-in student information?

    The log-in information is the student's graduation year, last name, and first initial (i.e., 23RitcheyB). This is the same user name students use to access their district-provided devices. Please consider the user name case sensitive. For students in grades two through twelve, the password will be each child's unique, six-digit identification number. This is the same number students use to access lunch accounts. For students in kindergarten and grade one, the password is "dogs."

  • Do students have to log-in at a certain time everyday?

    Students are not expected to log-in at a certain time. Students are expected to work on each of their courses each day. Typically, this will mean one lesson per course per day for the majority of students. There is no specific schedule for the day aside from what families expect of their own children, but the district does expect approximately one completed lesson per course during each day of the regular school work week. Student attendance and engagement will be measured by the ability of each learner to remain "on-track."

  • Are AP and honors courses available?

    Several AP courses are available through Schools PLP, however, not all AP courses offered at M-U are available at this time. Students should work with their school counselors to make the best possible scheduling choices.

  • How much time will my student be expected to spend doing school work each day?

    Please plan on approximately 50 minutes per course per day. This may be flexible and will include some on-line and off-line activities. Please remember that school staff members will be monitoring student engagement and checking progress. Students should work to remain "on-track" in terms of progressing through the curriculum.

  • What time is lunch?

    The on-line Schools PLP program allows for flexible scheduling. Lunch will be determined by the parent, caregiver, or family. Keep in mind to schedule about 50 minutes per course each day as a general rule.

  • What is the website to access PLP?