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On Thursday, February 23, 2023, school employees were alerted to inappropriate phrases used by Milton-Union High School students through one of the available technology tools. Like other collaborative, productivity tools, Microsoft Teams is equipped with chat functionality, and today, inappropriate words and phrases were flagged by district filtering software. On the surface, these words and phrases were of a threatening nature and prompted immediate investigation by members of school administration.

The student who sent these messages was held in the office and supervised by school administration to ensure the absence of any weapon or dangerous object. The student was interviewed by building administration and staff members to learn more regarding intent and conduct code violation. Next, trained staff members conducted an assessment to determine threat viability and further identify individual risk factors. This step involved a Premier Samaritan Health Therapist assigned to the district, School Resource Officer, and a Milton-Union Student Services staff member.

Through investigation and assessment, this was not considered a viable threat. However, inappropriate words and phrases of a potentially threatening nature are not tolerated in our school district, so although there was no immediate threat, situations like this often result in disciplinary action and possibility of criminal charges. Student and staff member safety is a top priority. We work to balance assigning serious disciplinary consequences with supporting students and families involved with additional resources and services. 

The purpose of this message is to explain today’s circumstances, minimize concern among parents and families regarding threat credibility, communicate district action, and share the school’s proactive intent to monitor next steps and support persons associated with this situation accordingly.

Thank you for your support of the Milton-Union Schools.