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Prior to elementary start time on Thursday, March 16, 2023, a bus driver and member of the transportation department alerted building administration to a threatening remark made by a third-grade student to another elementary-age passenger.

On the bus, these young people and several others seated nearby were engaged in typical, age-appropriate conversation until the remark was made. Per investigation, the student stated, “I am going to bring my dad’s shotgun and shoot you.” At that time, the bus driver became aware and brought this concern to the elementary building principal.

The third-grade student and others riding the same bus were interviewed. Per protocol, trained staff members conducted an assessment to determine threat viability and further identify potential risk factors. In alignment with past practice, this step involves a Premier Samaritan Behavioral Health Therapist, School Resource Officer, and a Milton-Union Student Services staff member. The principal and another staff member familiar with the student also participated in the process.

Student and staff member safety is a top priority. Inappropriate words and phrases of a potentially threatening nature are not tolerated in our school district, so situations like this often result in disciplinary action including the possibility of long-term school removal. Further, law enforcement considers the possibility of criminal charges depending on circumstances.

All parents and families involved in this situation have been contacted by elementary staff members. The purpose of this message is to explain today’s circumstances, minimize concern among parents and families, communicate district action, and share the school’s proactive intent to monitor next steps and support persons associated with this situation accordingly. 

Thank you for your support of the Milton-Union Schools.