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If a member of your household is exhibiting symptoms and upon recommendation from a trusted health or medical expert he/she is tested for COVID-19, please do not send your children to school until that family member receives his/her negative test result.  If the result is positive, then children and other members of that household or residence will likely be considered close contacts and subject to quarantine.  If children continue to attend while another member of the household or residence is being tested for COVID-19, the situation could ultimately affect other students, require contact tracing, possible quarantine, and jeopardize the health and safety of additional students and Milton-Union families.  Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to navigate these unprecedented circumstances.  

Also, with respect to mandatory quarantine, the following message is being shared on behalf of Miami County Public Health.  

To decrease the spread of COVID-19, any person directly exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19 will be placed in mandatory quarantine.  Miami County Public Health would like to remind any person placed in quarantine to remain at home for the entire 14-day quarantine period.  Meaning, you must stay in your home and not leave during the day, evening, or weekend to participate or attend activities of any kind.  The Health Department has received reports of individuals not following quarantine orders.  Miami County Public Health is working closely with all  schools to minimize the spread of COVID-19.  

Please follow the link for additional information regarding quarantine from the CDC.